My name is Kendra L. Saunders. I'm the author of "Inanimate Objects", "Overlapping Visions" the upcoming dark comedy "Death and Mr. Right" (2013, Spence City), and "The Unlove Spell", as well as many works of poetry and short stories. I'm the arts interviewer for IPMNation and have interviewed musicians, NYT bestselling authors and fashion designers. I love all things Anglophile and Jazz Age. Former music store clerk and natural blonde. One cat allergy from a stereotypical writer. Best friend to the fabulous Dusty.
Coldplay, Muse and IAMX fan.
....they're all inanimate objects


So his hair is blue again and he has something to talk about!

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Look, Locke is blue again! What do you think? Make sure to leave a comment on the video— you know how much he loves that!

Also, apparently he’s wanted. Check it out and find out whether or not his crew almost traded him for a pizza!