My name is Kendra L. Saunders. I'm the author of "Inanimate Objects", "Overlapping Visions" the upcoming dark comedy "Death and Mr. Right" (2013, Spence City), and "The Unlove Spell", as well as many works of poetry and short stories. I'm the arts interviewer for IPMNation and have interviewed musicians, NYT bestselling authors and fashion designers. I love all things Anglophile and Jazz Age. Former music store clerk and natural blonde. One cat allergy from a stereotypical writer. Best friend to the fabulous Dusty.
Coldplay, Muse and IAMX fan.
....they're all inanimate objects

If you would like to read Inanimate Objects for free, in exchange for a review on your tumblr page and Amazon, I have TWO free e-copies to give out!! Let me know if you’re interested!! Feel free to reblog to share.

Inanimate Objects is a dark and glittering novel of artists and magicians, muses and immortals. At the heart of the story is Leonidas Bondi, a charismatic young artist who falls under the watchful gaze of Matilda August. Matilda has been a patron to the stars for hundreds of years, but this fickle muse is more than a little taken with her new protégé, blurring her own lines of work and obsession. Providing opposition is Matilda’s son, Elisha, a moody figure who holds revenge above all else after he suffers a terrible wrong.


“You could have said that you were tired or you didn’t feel like talking, darling. I would have asked for you to be given a bunk so you could rest. All you need to do is ask.” Matilda shook her head. “Who’s haunting you?”

“No one. Ghosts don’t… they don’t visit me. They never have.”

Matilda reached for his face, this time cupping it in her hands. “Everyone’s haunted by someone, or else they’d never know who they are.”

“I don’t need ghosts to tell me who I am.”

From Inanimate Objects, the best thing in print that I’ve written

In front of the mirrors stood a thin-nosed, smiling boy with black hair and sharp features. He was both painter and poet, a favorite with young women and young men too. He was dressed better than his peers, as always. He spent his precious moments among the wealthy, the filthy poor and the stoned artists. Fashion was as important to him as it was to any female and he left a careless trail of feathers and glitter and paint and fur behind him wherever he went, even in the gutters.

He surveyed the room with glistening, watchful eyes, listening more than speaking, playing with the flame of a candle so that it slipped through his slender fingers and danced in and out of existence.

—- Leo’s introduction in Inanimate Objects, my dark magic realism story of muses, artists and magic. Leo and Elisha are some of my favorite (and finest) creations, and you should certainly meet them if you haven’t yet.

I kinda wanna have a Leo day soon, revisiting Leo, if you will. Anyone in?

I loved being interviewed for this blog!! So much fun!

Tonight’s video is about three of my favorite male characters in my books- Viktor Arson, Leonidas Bondi and Anders St. Rhys. Enjoy!

Picture by Lisa Amowitz!

Picture by Lisa Amowitz!

From last night, here at TeslaCon.

From last night, here at TeslaCon.

Sooooo here was my first ever taped interview. It was taken at AAC. I’m a bit horrified of my face (seeing it in pictures is one thing but video is a new level) but I hope you enjoy! Locke Valor asks me some questions for Nerd Caliber…

Ziggy just confirmed that Chris Corner is basically Leo. This means it is true (esp since she’d never so much as heard him speak until way after she read the book)

Here’s your reminder that some of the coolest people in the world will be at Another Anime Con next week, including the steampunk  group the Vagabonds, Slake Saunders the comic/graphic novel artist, and Kendra L. Saunders, author of Inanimate Objects and the upcoming dark comedy Death and Mr. Right.

Will we see you there?

Ask me some questions! You can ask questions for me or for Death or Lola from Death and Mr. Right, or even for Leo or Elisha from Inanimate Objects. ANY KIND OF QUESTIONS. Come on guys, do eeet! I need to get the juices going since I’m still just really chipping away at this and sorta failing ;)

Here’s an amazingly fun interview I did: And look at all of those cool pics they added in… I dig these people. So much fun!

Secondly, I’ve just lowered the price of Inanimate Objects on kindle to only 1.99. You can buy it right here:

Each sale of Inanimate Objects helps me get a bit closer to raising the $100 I’m trying to raise for my trip to Wisconsin in November. The trip will be hugely beneficial and fun, but plane ticket prices are trying to murder anyone who dares to fly. I’ve already raised $15.00, so my new goal is $85! :)

And finally, be on the lookout because I have some new release news coming in the next few days. Muahahaha.

March 2012, Salem MA adventures before Inanimate Objects photoshoot. (Very Death and Lola, yes?)

New steampunk outfit just about done.