....they're all inanimate objects

Apr 24


“Thank you, Griffin Valentino. Thank you, thank you,” the girl says, as she’s dragged away. “I love your hair so much!”

Griffin sits down, smirking. “See? My fans love my hair.” He waves a hand in my direction. “And Daisy likes pulling it.”

I try to look anywhere other than at either of my parents, and wonder if my face could actually get any hotter without melting off.


madefromouterspace said: Drink more water god yes!!! That is my number 1 bad habit. I never drink water!!!

I drink about 1-2 cups of water a day, it’s insane. So awful haha. Have a cup of tea or steamed milk every day, sometimes two, but that doesn’t count. Maybe half a cup to a cup of juice. Gotta get better about it!! Maybe we should make a pact to have 3 cups a day and then move from there? Water drinking accountability buddies!!

Goals to go with that new life motto:

*Get better about taking vitamins (esp for hair, skin and nails… and Bs. Dammit, the Bs!!)

*Drink more water

*Positivity. More positivity. Every day.

*Keep working out every day, whoohoo!! Getting closer to the first big goal!

*More breezy dresses and a nice pair of sandals this summer


Apr 23

Become the fabulous Kate Hudson-esque boho babe you were MEANT TO BE.

Apr 22

Ugh I need to talk about the aliens with someone really bad?!?!

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Someone talk to me about what an amazing, complicated, evil but ultimately human character Cersei is, because I feel like she doesn’t get enough tumblr appreciation

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The thing about Daisy is that she could name 10 obscure bands off the top of her head that you should hear, create a detailed playlist like “FEELING SAD AND NEED CHOCOLATE” and she’s read High Fidelity a few times, she romanticizes aspects of the music industry and of course she swears by Bjork, but she’d also spend 15 minutes defending Katy Perry for the sole purpose of promoting music love rather than snobbery.


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