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Jul 28

Anonymous said: how do you keep yourself motivated to keep going when things aren't going well? what helps you deal with depression/anxiety?

Hey, thanks for the question!

I wish I could say that I’m good at that kind of thing, but sometimes I definitely get tripped up by it. This last week, especially. Usually, though, I try to think about the stories I’ve heard of people who really stuck it out in the arts and finally had a big break. I’m not where I thought I’d be by this age, and that’s discouraging, but my mantra is, “Keep going a little longer… keep going a little longer.” I love writing and I have done it all this time from love. I believe if I keep at it, it’ll get somewhere, one day soon.

As for anxiety, that’s a lot harder because mine manifests in physical ways and it’s very distracting/frightening. The things that help that most, though, are talking to one of the three very special people who know about my struggles and then saying “You made it through this before” again and again, and thinking of how far I’ve come even with anxiety (all over the country, a book signing in NYC, Fashion Week, etc)

Also, my visualization is a very specific place. Tick Tock Diner in NYC, walking away from a bus I just rode in on, carrying my backpack, sidestepping tourists, popping my headphones in, walking by the man selling scarves and the vendor with pictures of famous actors. That’s my happy place.

Editing to say: Looking at your ups when you’re down can help. Looking at your progress can help. Looking at pictures from your life can help (even if it makes you very sad). Passionflower extract can help. Lavender scent can help. A big hug helps. I love hugs so much.

Jul 27

Anyone… wanna talk? My inbox is open…

I.. just need to say a couple things.

1. Kate Hudson is a real person, with real feelings, hopes, dreams, and a family she loves. She’s a real person. I know that seems crazy to some of you but I have met  lot of ‘famous people’ and they were all 100% human. Like, they sneeze and laugh at jokes and get tired and stuff. I promise.

2. When you say awful things about someone online, they can read that. Easily. And it can hurt them a lot. I’ve talked to a few ‘famous people’ who have told me how much it hurt them to read the cruel things people said about them. It was heartbreaking.

3. Matt Bellamy is a real person too! And maybe some of you guys are new to Muse, but he does what he wants most of the time. If you don’t believe me, check out his wardrobe. Or some of his interviews. Does a guy who wears a Tesco bag on his head to annoy photographers, or wear a tinfoil suit to concerts, or play elaborate rebellious pranks on TV shows seem like someone who will suddenly get ‘brainwashed’ and ‘controlled’ by ‘Hollywood’? Errrr…

4. People change as they get older. Some change often. Me, for instance. I change all the time. Like A LOT. So does Matt Bellamy, if you’ve been tracking along with Muse for a while. People get older, learn new things, meet new people, chill out or get informed, whatever. Maybe they discover a new style.This is the guy who used to legit believe we were part alien and that major world events happened because of a mysterious planet getting too close to ours. Read some old NME interviews.

5. People in relationships DO mirror each other. They make decisions to please themselves and their partner. That’s part of being in a relationship. It’s not only healthy but necessary.

6. For whoever said that Matt’s changing too much because he grew his hair out, I’d like to direct you to this. And this. And this. And of course, this.

Finally- Kate has said a lot of lovely and insightful things about Matt, including about how kind, compassionate and loving he is. I think that says as much about her as him. Personally, I’d love to sit down and chat with her over drinks. She seems like a fun-loving, positive, hard-working woman who isn’t afraid to be who she wants to be. We could all learn from that.

Jul 26

I guess the biggest lesson of today for me is— whatever I’m expecting, from people, from friends, from paychecks, from whatever- cut that in 1/10ths and then a little more because that’s probably what I’ll end up getting. And even then, it might be less.

Like, it doesn’t matter how much you miss someone if they don’t care anymore. It doesn’t matter how hard you work when you’re in a fixed situation. It’s doesn’t matter how many vitamins you take or how many books you write. It doesn’t matter how hard you hope. It just doesn’t matter.



Jul 25

"Would collided 10/10" ~ Dusty, about Griffin

I’ve struggled with some of the worst sustained anxiety/ panic since Sunday… urgh. It saps all the positivity right out of you.


*dark haired foreign guy with complicated backstory

*everybody’s wasted scene- bonus points if it’s a decadent party scene too

*crazy good clothes

*unexpected moment where you cry because FEELS

*Matilda August

Requirements for a Kendra L. Saunders novel

“This is my wish for you as you navigate the subways of subversion
One day a stranger will look at you like they look at their favorite city
All the buildings twinkling alive and alight from inside them
And you will taste their craving like coffee on your lips
For five and a half minutes you will be the hero in your own book
Able to write your dialogue just by speaking it aloud
And you will fall asleep with your lover’s face burned across your eyes
Their name joined with yours in dreams of baryons, star-clusters, galaxies
In swirls of bruised colors that you can glimpse from your bed
Without a telescope” — From “For a Boy III” in my poetry collection. Available in paperback and for Kindle! (via inanimateobjects)

I feel like this picture sums the whole band up pretty much perfectly.

I feel like this picture sums the whole band up pretty much perfectly.

Jul 24

Girls be all like, aww man I wanna boy from the past, them gentlemen, treat a lady right

But then you watch Game of Thrones and you’re like NAH BRAH I’LL TAKE THE BASKETBALL SHORTS

Sent out some messages to some Muse blogs tonight… if I haven’t hit you up and you feel like talking, hop into my inbox! I wanna engage more with you guys… we all love the same crazy band, right? :)

First chapter of my post-apoc fic… enjoy! Leave comments!!


Soooo… I’m posting the first chapter of my post-apoc fic as a thank you to all of you… I hope you enjoy. (And a special thank you to my Muse fandom followers of all of your awesomeness!!)

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